We Translated Iconic Bollywood Dialogues Into Nepali; Can You Guess Which Movie They're From?

Nischal Niraula
16th November 2021 Read time: 2 Mins

Some movie dialogues are so iconic that they just get stamped into our minds together with the voice of the actors. You can’t say “Kitne aadmi thhey!?” without hearing the menacing tone of Gabbar Singh. But, would you be able to recognize these dialogues if you heard them in another language?


Take this quiz and see if you can recognize these 10 iconic Hindi movie dialogues translated into Nepali. Good Luck!

  • You Can Probably Guess This One

  • Can You Name This Selom Bhoi Film?

  • Can You Name This Gangster Flick?

  • Y'all Remember Gopal?

  • We're Desperately Awaiting Sequel Of This Movie

  • Okay! We Lied! There's Web Series' Dialogues Too

  • Don't Try This With Your Crush

  • Hamara Bajaj!

  • You'd Forgotten All About This Movie!

  • Why Don't You Understand Ramesh?

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