QUIZ: Only A Masterchef Can Guess The Names Of These Common Spices Found In Nepali Kitchen

Nischal Niraula
2nd July 2021 Read time: 2 Mins

Cooking in a Nepali kitchen can be quite tricky. With dozens of spices stored inside Horlics and Bournvita containers, an amateur cook can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available to them. But these are the very ingredients that add flavor to our food, and to our lives. And knowing their names will definitely come in handy someday. 


So how flavorful is your life? Can you distinguish Methi from Jeera? Take the following quiz and find out for yourself.

  • KP Oli Has Famously Endorsed It

  • You Might Have A Habit Of Adding It In Your Tea

  • This Spice Adds A Twist To Your Dal

  • Come On! You Know This One.

  • This Spice Creates A Minty Burning Sensation In Your Mouth When Eaten Raw

  • You'll Find This Spice In Your Cool Summer Drink

  • You've Seen This But Can You Name It?

  • This Goes In Your Milk

  • This Spice Is Associated With A Flower

  • Finally, Can You Name This Spice?

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