Redditors Share Funny Nepali Neighbor Stories And It’s All Weird

It seems that every Nepali person shares the universal experience of having obnoxious neighbors. Some of us are fortunate enough to get neighbors who don’t interfere in our lives too much. But, there are unlucky ones out there whose neighbors know no bounds of what’s appropriate. Here are 10 of these bizarre and funny Nepali neighbor stories on r/Nepal. 


1. Punish The Chicken Immediately

"They came to us aggressively asking for treatment money because our cock (male grown chicken) poked their daughter's butt multiple times and chased her all across the tole."
— u/alladin316

2. Neighbors With Zero Empathy

"Whole community scorning a person who attempted suicide out in public"
— u/Th30verLord

3. Hoping Her Music Taste Evolves

"Finally got rid of "Chari jelaima...". I thought chimeki aunty will play that on repeat for eternity"
— u/chickichanga

4. Just A Little Banter

"This was back when i was living in Australia. There was a nepali couple renting out one of the master bedroom. One day we heard the couple quarrelling.

So, we eavesdropped to find out the reason why and the wife was crying/complaining that her friend's husband put his jacket over his wife to keep her warm (it was summer but chilly during nighttime) and yelling that her significant didn't do the same lol . Pretty childish."
— u/JayGurung

5. Classic Aunties

"Okay so where do I begin. The aunties in my neighborhood are nosey ass bitches. It got so bad that they even keep tabs on me and my friend and got some kind of a fucked up network they keep to talk about what we do, where we go and so forth and so on.

Din bhari pasal baira baschan ghera layera. Ani ko kaa gayo k garyo kasko ma ko manche aayo sab herera baschan. And whats worse, my mom obv talks to them, hamrei ghar baira julus nikalera baschan sadhei.

Ani jaile nachaine kura sunaune. Halla failauna khojne jepaitei. They are not even ashamed of what they do. Ghurera herchan laaj pachayera."
— u/coochie_monsterr

6. It's Hard To Get Rid Of A Festive Mood

"tihar sakeko ak hapta paxi deusi khelna ako thyo hau auta group hamro tira"
— u/user

7. Report These Neighbors!

"The one with the house right in front of ours are shit. Very nosy people. Hamro ghar ma j hucha sab taha huncha feri tiniharulai. Hamro bari ma bhako sabji haru ni nasodi chup chap lagdira huncha. We never go to their house without them calling us. But asti ta k bhako, I was alone at home, tyo agadi ko uncle tui tui aayo, ma bhako floor samma aayo kei bhannu xaina hai, Ani ajha mathi jadai theyo ani "maitalea aau ta" bhanyo like it was his house and I was there.

Ani he went to our store room and opened it, told me to dust the step ladder a little and took it. He came in and took our stuff, didn't even say, "yo ekxin chaiyeko theyo lagchu la" not even that. Tei ni ma ghar ma eklai huda.
— deleted

8. The Tale Of Chor Dai

"We used to call one of our neighbors 'chor-dai' in our conversation. He was a renowned thief in our neighborhood. He used to bash our mama whenever he got drunk. Tired of his theatrics and embarrassment, his brother kicked him out of his house.

For some reason, he blamed that to our Mama. Then he randomly started to pellet stone on our houses in the middle of the night. Our house, mama's house, and his brother's house. For a year or so, we did not know what was happening. Then one day my father figured out that someone is throwing a stone at our house for some weird reason. There he was acting drunk and asleep. He was beaten black and blue and arrested.

The last time I saw him he smiled at me and said,' K cha babu, Sanchai'. He had black eyes and bruises everywhere. I later learned that he stole a bicycle from his boss's house and beaten. He is still a Chor Dai to us
— deleted

9. This Is Complicated

"There's a neighbor of mine, idk sab le ali mentally ill cha vancha tara not that extreme wala ill. Educated cha, masta English bolcha, angregi geet suncha, wife children sab cha. The problem is, jun bela ni j ni karaidincha, hamro Ghar chowk ma cha y'all can understand rati/ early morning ma sano swor le bolda ni Kati loud hunchaa. Plus, neighbor ko ghar thyakai merai ghar sanga attached cha ani usko balcony mero room sanga ani he talks more like shouts mid night ma, curses everyone ani it's very disturbing. Also, he abuses his wife, mentally physically too.

10. Must Be A Task To Fall Asleep

"I am irritated with 3 neighbors and all having dogs. And at night, imagine having client call and all 3 dogs start barking at once."
— u/procipher

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