Are You Babu Rao, Shyam Or Raju? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Himshikha Dhamala
21st June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

The 2000s era of Bollywood cinema has provided us with some gems and Hera Pheri must be one of our favorites. The iconic characters are so bizarre yet so relatable and we all must have seen our own exaggerated versions in them. You might be Babu Rao running around in panic, a mastermind Raju plotting schemes or even a clueless Shyam!


If you want to find out which character you resemble the most, take this quiz!

  • What would you do if you suddenly became a millionaire?

  • Which would be the ideal partner for you?

  • What would you do if a wrong number calls your phone?

  • Among these, which job would you pick?

  • What type of tenant would you be?

  • What type of clothes would you mostly find yourself wearing?

  • What’s your role in your friend group?

  • What type of sunglasses do you prefer?

  • What describes you the best when under stress?

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