If You Can Match These Nepali Businesses With Their Entrepreneurs, You're A True Byapari!

Himshikha Dhamala
12th April 2022 Read time: 1 mins

Over the years, Nepal has certainly come a long way in terms of entrepreneurship. So many individuals have found their way to success while providing us with newer products and conveniences. Some brands have even become household names. While the brand names may slip right off our tongues, their founders might need an introduction. 


Do you think you know who the owners of these 10 popular Nepali businesses are? Let’s put your knowledge to the test! 

  • Every turn you take, you’ll be met with this restaurant.

  • This might be a name you’ve heard frequently, but do you know who the owner is?

  • This is your ultimate ally when you’re craving some late night snacks.

  • This is the biggest household name in the world of sekuwas.

  • Who owns this hip and aesthetic cafe?

  • Well…it’s everywhere.

  • Come on, you must know this one right ?

  • This is a top brand in the IT sector of Nepal.

  • Guess who made this business fly?

  • There's a high chance you're using their internet right now.

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