Can You Guess Which Place These Landmarks Are In?

Bishesh Dhaubhadel
7th August 2021 Read time: 2 Minutes

Nepal is, without a doubt, filled to the brim with tons of beautiful attractions. Whether it be in the hot plains of Terai, the snow-capped Himalayas, or the valleys in the hills, Nepal has something for everyone.


With the serried multitude of landmarks and attractions to choose from, you just might lose track of where you’ll find them.


So take this quiz to see if you correctly name the places where these landmarks are located!

  • There are definitely levels to Nepal’s Beauty!

  • You must be high to get this wrong!

  • No, cable-cars don’t look the same.

  • Named after the drowned.

  • The longest suspension bridge in Nepal.

  • A pretty remote temple, if you ask us.

  • The view from the Durbar must be amazing!

  • The history behind this is surprisingly heartwarming.

  • With water bluer than the sky!

  • For peace worldwide.

  • One of the most beautiful mountainous areas.

  • The infamous selfie stone!

  • Something straight out of a movie.

  • Where are the all-seeing eyes of Buddha?

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