Lok Sewa Quiz: Find Out If You Can Get That Sarkaari Jaagira And Please Your Father-in-Law

Timro cha ra k bhara? Khoji aau pahile sarkaari jaagira.”


But little does Sasura baa know, getting a sarkaari jaagir isn’t all that easy. You have to charm your way through multiple interviews, sit through hours of exams, and prove your aptitude by answering a series of GK questions. So, in case you’re wondering if you have what it takes to pass the aptitude test for Lok Sewa, we bring you a short and fun quiz to test your knowledge. Good luck!

  • Which Of The Following Districts Initiated Tea Farming In Nepal?

  • How Many Members Are There In The National Assembly?

  • Name This Historically Important Building.

  • You're Facing North And See Rajiv Walking Towards You. After Walking A Few Meters He Takes A Right Turn. Which Direction Is He Moving?

  • Which Bacteria Is Responsible For Curdling Of Milk?

  • Which Dynasty Ruled Nepal After Kirati Dynasty?

  • Who Can Declare The National State Of Emergency?

  • What Do You Call A Person Who Crosses The Road Illegally Or In A Careless Manner?

  • What Was Nepal's First Cigarette Factory?

  • If ROBUST Is Coded As QNATRS Which Word Would Be Coded As ZXCMP ?

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