Rachana Gurung Yanked This Girl On The Miss Nepal Stage And The Audiences Are Furious

Himshikha Dhamala
20th June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

Every year, Nepalis get introduced to some brilliant people through the Miss Nepal beauty pageant — people who are committed to making a change. But, the show is not always glamorous and there have been numerous controversies attached to this influential pageant, often related to the show’s traditional views.



This year, Priyanka Rani Joshi bagged the winning title and the event went smoothly — besides one odd instance which has quickly caught public attention. The clip has gone so viral that it’s overshadowing Priyanka’s win itself. This incident involves Rachana Gurung, the choreographer of Miss Nepal, who isn’t a stranger to controversies. 


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The incident that everyone is talking about takes place over just a few seconds. When it was time to announce the final winner of Miss Nepal 2022, every contestant, sponsors, and past winners were on stage. Among them was one lady who was apparently in the wrong place in the wrong time. 



In shows such as this one, the placement of every person on the stage is planned meticulously by a designated choreographer. In the case of the Miss Nepal pageant, the choreographer is none other than Rachana Gurung, who has already found controversy in the past for behaving rudely with an applicant during a previous audition. 


Gurung seems to have freaked out over this tiny mistake as she was in the same camera frame as the winner. Of course, the highlight should be upon the winner, but the way Rachana handled it is something nobody can agree with. Her reaction was aggressive to say the least and disrespectful too. 



In a short clip making the rounds on the internet, Rachana can be seen storming onto the stage in an apparent rage. She rudely yanks the girl out of her spot, startling her with the action. After pulling her to a different spot, she quickly walks backstage. She could have done this in a polite manner since it seems to be just a minor misunderstanding. Still, since we don’t know the full story yet, we can give her the benefit of the doubt. 



Maybe it was a bigger deal than it seems? Which would somewhat justify Rachana panicking and being frustrated — that months of their hard work is not going perfect because of one small placement. But then again, we can’t imagine a reason enough to mistreat someone in such a way on live television.


Since this video is going viral, people had a lot of opinions. Here’s what almost every Nepali audience had to say about it:





Rachana already has an unpleasant reputation among the public,  so people aren’t holding back to call her out on being rude, yet again. Whatever the reason, this could clearly have been handled differently. 


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