This Couple Is Romancing Over A Garbage Truck And Hami Chai Hereko Herei

Himshikha Dhamala
17th June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

The word love may be composed of just one syllable, but it is one of the greatest powers in the world! As the old saying goes, love is blind and it can grow in the most unexpected places.


Every so often, we hear stories about people finding love in the most unexpected places. And every single time, it makes our hearts explode with appreciation! Stories like these give us hope about the future of humanity. 



Is This True Love?😭🤣

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Recently, a Nepali couple proved just this after a loving moment between them went viral. This couple was caught in a sweet, candid moment as they tightly embraced on the back of a garbage collection truck. In a Tiktok video uploaded by the user pawan.banjade, you can see them purely enjoying each other’s embrace while playfully nudging each other. 


Although the surroundings they’re in may not seem ideal for an intimate moment such as this, they’ve already earned the hearts of thousands of Nepali people! And now they’re the only definition of couple goals we’re willing to accept.  



They seem to be a hardworking pair, satisfied with whatever circumstances they have, indifferent to the luxuries. In fact, they might not even see it as ‘circumstance’ — they might simply view it as a moment of beautiful romance, to be remembered till futurity. 

After taking a look at this, even the heartbroken ones will have their faith in love restored. The comment section too was filled with supportive people despite the occasional negative comment. But well, that’s the average Nepali for you! Chances are, they’re just jealous of not having a love so tight. Here’s how the majority of the Nepali audiences reacted to this wholesome video. 






But this one single person really takes the cake for the wittiest comment!




Some people were truly concerned, pointing out the fact that the person filming was violating their privacy. Thankfully, we can’t make out their faces in the video so even with thousands of views, at least their identities are somewhat protected. 


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