This Guy's Answer To What He Would Do With 1 Crore Rs Is Winning Hearts Of Netizens

Himshikha Dhamala
19th June 2022 Read time: 28 mins

It seems Nepal is in no shortage of meme-able personalities. Every once in a while, our social media feeds get bombarded with memes of yet another perky, unusual persona. These people have one in a million personalities which sometimes seem way too cartoony and scripted. And even amongst them, only a few truly have those bizarre personalities at heart; the rest just want to be ‘viral’. Although they might provide comic golds, it might still be annoying to sense that a person is putting on a show just for the sake of some seconds of popularity.


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But, the recent viral sensation Hira Gupta has brought a whole new revolution by blatantly admitting that he wants to be viral, and that he will do anything for it. And since the TikTok video featuring a snippet of his YouTube interview already has more than a hundred thousand likes, it’s safe to say that he succeeded! In the video, an interviewer asks him what he would buy if he were to find a crore rupees on the road. His answer is so amusing that even gods of the highest powers couldn’t have predicted what he said. In true Nepali fashion, he says that he would buy a half plate of chowmein first then take the rest of the money home. 



Before you make conclusions, you should know that Hira’s statement has a deep meaning and immense truth to it! Obviously, the only thing that could calm a Nepali who’s just miraculously found a crore rupees must be chow mein. When asked what he would do with two crore rupees, he wittily says that he would buy aanda chowmein. We agree, an extra crore would be just enough to gain courage to add the expensive aanda to your chowmein. The interviewers too seem to have crafted their questions to bring out the most outlandish responses!



If you haven’t guessed already, this only goes on and the next question is what he would do with 3 crores and then 4 crores. He says that he would add masu and order the most special chow mein respectively. But, when finally asked what he would do with 10 crores, an average human would have run out of jokes — but not Hira. In a battle with time, Hira’s quick wits come to his rescue and he answers with “ghar mai banauthe”. If you can watch this video without cracking up every second — are you even human? Also, to finish off, he blesses us with this lengthy joke:



Hira seems to be a carefree person with a tremendously odd character, but we’re not complaining. We’re all for him chewing on bhola for the entire interview! He seems to be a genuinely humorous person and we hope his dreams of getting viral will come true in no time! 


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