QUIZ: Score 10/10 In This Quiz To Prove You Are An Expert In Nepali Music History

Rajiv Prajapati
21st December 2021 Read time: 2 mins

Nepali music has been amazing no matter what era you look up. We grew up with music from a variety of time periods, because we have such a storehouse of evergreen songs. Today, we might recognize the tune but many of us will have a hard time telling who sang these songs.


So, let’s test your knowledge of old Nepali music today. Can you guess who sang these old Nepali songs?

  • This stoners' anthem is regularly credited to the wrong artists.

  • This iconic Nepali ghazal was made complete by a special talent.

  • This song is probably a favorite of all our moms 🤗

  • This pop number was the support for many a heartbroken teenagers. But who sang it?

  • Gulp, Gulp!

  • The song of choice for all Nepali campfires!

  • This song was probably our dads' party song of choice.

  • Are you even a Nepali if you didn't dance to this song in a school event?

  • And who sang this classic pop song?

  • Finally, can you name the original song of this evergreen romantic song?

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