QUIZ: Are You A True 2000’s Kid? Find Out Here!

From Gravity Falls to Adventure Time, from Toxic to 21 Guns, From Son Pari to Shaka Laka Boom Boom. Take this quiz to find out if you’re a true 2000’s kid.

  • The light just went out. Where are all the kids in your community headed?

  • Which game was featured in Nokia phones?

  • What is the most disliked song on YouTube?

  • Which Band Wrote “K Yo Maya Ho”?

  • Who was the lead character in ShakaLaka Boom Boom?

  • Which day did Tito Satya air?

  • In the game of cricket, who is the first one to bat?

  • What were the names of Fruity’s fairies in Son Pari?

  • How many orange balls would you get for Rs. 1?

  • Which Bollywood actor is always called Rahul in his movies?

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