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Subtle Signs A Nepali Is Super Rich, According To r/Nepal

The r/Nepal subreddit has become a venerable community and resource for young Nepalis. Any trending topic of conversation and any common questions of youthful Nepalis are answered in this forum.

The latest pearls of wisdom to drop from the online community is on the subtle signs that a Nepali is super rich. A post on the subreddit that asked readers to “tell me ur wealthy without telling ur wealthy” has garnered hundreds of comments — some humorous, some satiric, and some a bit too braggadocious. Here’s the best of the bunch.

“I don't cut open the toothpaste after it's done.”
— u/m0thercoconut
“I don't bargain if the conductor asks for Rs. 25 when bhada is Rs.23”
— u/hans-nolan
“I don't use old clothes as a mop.”
— u/1nfinite_Universe
“I have 15 ota kattu.”
— u/gad_guleti_ass_ash
“Does taking dog routinely every month to the spa for grooming like hair cut, nail trim, deshedding, etcetera etcetera stuffs like that count?”
— u/Awkward-Excitement-9
“Hiring all the best lawyers to sue a small business over a one time accidental worm in my titaura”
— u/Lydi-ahaha
“Buying Suv Cars in Cash.”
— u/pukulu
“Jutta foro vayo vaney naya kinxu.”
— u/Different_Quantity59
“2 bigha jamin xa butwal ma”
— u/Existing_Risk4699
“I always full tank my bike.”
— u/Ravi_Maharjan
“I use monthly data pack for a casual cafe hangout.”
— u/debendraoli
“Ring road bhitra ghar haru chan.”
— u/shefriendzonedme
“Mero bau thekdar.”
— u/Apprehensive_Work966
“Aja lunch ma sushi khaye.”
— u/soomank
“Kotha bhada uthauna nai 1 full day lagcha bro :)”
— u/Yomaree

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