Score More Than 8 On This Holy Holi Quiz To Add Color To Your Life

It’s that time of the year again! Groups of little kids around the block declare a water war on each other, silver-faced (probably intoxicated) adults take the revelry to the empty roads, and introverts lock themselves inside their rooms praying that the day ends soon. But amidst all this, we sometimes forget the traditional nuances of Holi. Well, here’s a quiz to jolt your memory awake.


  • There's Another Name For Holi That You Might Not Have Heard In A Long Time. What Is It?

  • Holi In The Hilly Region Is Celebrated This Sunday, Falgun 15. But When Is Holi In Terai Celebrated?

  • According To Legends Holi Celebrates The Triumph Of Good Over Evil. But Can You Guess The Name Of Demon Whose Death You've Been Celebrating All These Years?

  • And Can You Tell Us How The Said Demon Died?

  • Holika Burned To Death While She Was Trying To Kill Prahalad. Can You Tell Us Which Powerful God Saved Prahalad?

  • Apart From Shivaratri, Holi Is Considered One Of The Occasions To Drink This Intoxicating Drink

  • In Nepal, The Beginning Of Holi Is Marked With The Installation Of Bamboo Pole Adorned With Colorful Clothes In Basantapur. What is the pole commonly called?

  • Holi Marks The End Of Winter And Beginning Of ___

  • The Above Mentioned Chir Is Later Taken Elsewhere To Be Burned. Where Is It Taken?

  • Finally! Can You Tell Us Which Of The Following Flowers Is Associated With Holi?

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