Then Vs Now: Here's How Tito Satya Cast Has Changed Over The Years

Himshikha Dhamala
22nd June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

It’s the age of Netflix and instant gratification, where people are used to getting everything they want at the click of a button. Children now will never know the impatience of having to wait a whole week just to watch the new episode of your favorite Nepali TV show. Among all the shows that we looked forward to every week, Tito Satya had a special place in our hearts. 


The show saw its ending days in 2015 and the actors have since ventured out onto other projects. You’d be surprised to see just how much everyone has changed. Here is what the main cast of Tito Satya then vs now! 


1. Raj Acharya 



2. Nirmal Sharma



3. Gopal Nepal



4. Deepak Raj Giri



5. Deepa Shree Niraula 



6. Gopal Adhikari 



7. Gopal Dhakal



8. Mukunda Mainali



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