She Might Be A 10 But She Has Her Flaws And Twitter Is Listing Them Down!

Himshikha Dhamala
23rd June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

Twitter is known to be an amazing source of internet comedy. Every so often, Twitteratis band together behind a seemingly random hashtag, sharing the most hyperspecific experiences with the funniest Twitter trends. The latest trend to take over Twitter is the “She’s a 10” trend. Twitteratis have made the best use of this new trend by calling out some of the funniest habits and red flags of people. 


We found 15 of the funniest “She’s a 10” tweets and be warned, you might be called out on your weirdly specific habits!


1. Everyone Should Listen To Oliver Tree  


2. Overthinkers Can Relate



3. That Took A Turn...



4. Till They Bleed!



5. Feeling Called Out? 



6. How Else Are You Supposed To Fall Asleep?



7. At Least This Economy Is Good For Someone



8. Red Is A Beautiful Color 



9. Understandable 



10. Who Doesn't 



11. Anime Fans πŸ‘€


12. Twilight Fans πŸ‘€



13. This Person Is An Eleven 



14. Good Old Attachment Issues 



15. Oops



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