QUIZ: Take This Ultimate SEE Quiz And See If You Can Make Your Parents Proud By Scoring A Distinction

Nischal Niraula
6th January 2022 Read time: 2 Mins


For anyone who’s been to Nepali school will know that SEE (or SLC, if you like) is the stuff of nightmares. From elongated extra classes to completing dozens of question sets, families and school authorities leave no room pressurize the poor pupils. After all, SLC has been dubbed the Iron Gate of Nepal’s education system.


So, take a walk down your grade 10 memory lane and see if you can score a distinction in this ultimate SLC quiz.

  • Fill In The Blanks: “It Is ___ Universally Accepted Rule.”

  • Who Wrote The Poem Baisakh?

  • The Shortcut Key To Copy And Paste A File Is ___ ?

  • Sum Of Two Positive Numbers Is 30. If The Difference Between These Number Is 6, Find The Two Numbers.

  • Which Of The Following Countries Can’t Exercise Veto Power In The UN?

  • ___ Is A Renewable Source Of Energy.

  • What’s The Name Of The Device Used To Detect Earthquakes?

  • Complete The Following Verse: When The Mind Is Without Fear And ___?

  • Yo Shabda Ko Vigraha Garnuhos: “Laamkaney”

  • The Value Of Pie In Maths Is ____?

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