This Nepali Movie Scene Has The Most Uncomfortable Joke In Nepali Cinema History

Rajiv Prajapati
22nd June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

The story of how the Nepali film industry grew to its current heights is nothing short of inspirational. When Nepali cinema first started in the 60’s, we didn’t have cameras nor studios. Nepali films had to be edited in India as we didn’t even have the right equipment for it. 


Today, Nepali films have gained international repute. Movies like Kalo Pothi and Lori have earned many accolades in the international arena. But of course, Nepali films went through many phases to be able to produce such gems. And there have definitely been a few mistakes along the way, some more notable than others. 


The 2004 film Thule has one such scene that would be unimaginable today. The film features some of the most popular acting talents of its time, including Bipana Thapa and even mahanayak Rajesh Hamal. But this one scene sticks out like a sore thumb, in the deeply peculiar way in which it treats the subject of rape. 



The central character in this scene is portrayed by actor Amrit Jung Basnet. He’s just out on a morning job when an unlucky misunderstanding leads to him being mistaken for a prowling rapist.


One severe beatdown later, he’s lying on the ground in pain when the ACTUAL rapist approaches him. How do we know this character is actually the rapist? Well, he admits to it in the most casual way. It would be quite unimaginable in any context ever, but Thule actually poses a rapist as a comedic character in the movie! 



Simply indescribable! Comedic sound effects immediately follow this casual confession. For added comedic effect, Basnet’s character also takes a few seconds to realize what was just said. Just to make sure, he doublechecks what he heard from the man himself. 



Now, that’s a sentence you probably never expected to ever hear in your life! The rapist, dressed in a trendy Beatles t-shirt and wearing cool sunglasses, acts a bit shy — as if he hadn’t announced his plans just a moment ago! 


You can attempt to categorize this bizarre exchange of dialogues, but you’ll probably fail. Among all the bad dialogues and weird jokes in the history of Nepali cinema, you’d be hard-pushed to find a dialogue that is weirder than this one. 


The scene ends when Basnet’s character beats up the man with the same stick with which he got a beating. After all, he had to face a lot of pain which was originally supposed to go to Mr Beatles. What’s even more amazing is that this scene isn’t a moment of comedic relief; it takes place near the beginning of the film and sets the plot for the entire film! 


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