Can You Correctly Name These Zodiac Constellations?

Bishesh Dhaubhadel
30th June 2021 Read time: 2 Minutes

As kids (and adults), many of us have obsessed over our zodiac signs and the symbolism/personality traits they’re associated with.


From the archer that symbolizes the intellectual Saggitarius to the beam balance for the fair Libra, we’re well aware about the meanings that zodiac signs hold. These symbolism came about through the shape of the constellations and the images they resemble.


But when it comes to looking at the night sky, can we actually recognize those zodiac signs through the shapes of their constellations?


Take this quiz to see if you can correctly identify these zodiac constellations!

  • This one stands for Fire.

  • This one belongs to the Earth element.

  • This one’s got multiple personalities.

  • This one belongs to the Water element.

  • This one’s quite passionate.

  • This one’s got the Earth-y look to it.

  • This one’s got its head up in the Air.

  • This one’s fiery but belongs to the Water element.

  • This one’s as free as Fire.

  • This one’s quite the Earth-y beast.

  • This water bearer belongs in the Air.

  • This seems fishy..

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