18 Cheesy Nepali Pickup Lines That Will Land You In A Mandap With Your Crush

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned pickup line? They’re great icebreakers, they’re flirtatious, and they are funny. While the internet is littered with tons of cheesy pickup lines, there are very few Nepali pickup lines that resonate with your swadeshi crush. Worry no more, we’ve come to the rescue. Here are 18 cheesy Nepali pickup lines that will make your crush fall for you.

1. Hey Girl! Is Your Dad Biplov Maobadi?

Cause you’re the bomb! 

2. Boy! Are You A Dozer Working On A Road Development Project?

Because I could stare at you for hours without getting bored!

3. I Am No Insurance Agent

But will you beema girl?

4. Your Eyes Are Like Maitidevi Ko Galli

I keep getting lost in them.

5. (For Your Ex) Hey! Are You Nepal’s Last Monarch?

Because I dumped you in hopes of getting someone better but now that’s failed I want you back.

6. Boy! Are You A TV Remote Control With A Dying Battery?

Cause I wanna keep banging you till you start to light up.

7. I’ll Send You Texts That Are Sweeter Than

RONB’s Goodnight Posts

8. Girl! Are You Hajmola?

Cause you make my stomach flutter

9. I'd Like To File An Application

To become your personal Pathao

10. Are You Kathmandu Ko Dhuwa Dhulo?

Cause you took my breath away.

11. I Won’t Stop Loving You

Till Melamchi ko pani gets here.

12. You’re The Muna To my Madan

Dal to my Bhaat and Yeti to my Yap

13. Me Leaving You Is Like My Mustang Trip Plans

It’s Never Happening!

14. Hi! I’m Human Version Of Goldstar

The Most Reliable And Value For Money Person You’ll Find On The Market

15. Damn Girl! You're Hotter Than

Terai during the summer

And these are some of the quirkiest Nepali pickup lines that will get your crush rushing to get your lagan. Feel free to share your favorite Nepali pickup lines in the comment section below.

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