7 Nepali Conspiracy Theories To Discuss During ‘Chiya Guff Gaff’

From the moon landing being faked to earth being flat, conspiracy theories seem to draw in a lot of attention. So, if you’re one to enjoy a good old fashioned conspiracy theory, we bring you a list of 7 Nepali conspiracy theories that will hit close to home.

(Note: Yeti Yap does not support or approve of any of the listed Nepali conspiracy theories. The article is in no way a reflection of Yeti Yap’s beliefs and is meant for entertainment purposes only.)

1. Prince Dhirendra Had See-Through Glasses

This theory is something straight out of a spy movie. During the ’90s, a strange rumor started spreading across Nepal – Prince Dhirendra is in possession of glasses that enables him to see through women’s clothes. Of course, there’s no evidence to support this ridiculous claim but that’s the case with every conspiracy theory, isn’t it?

2. Narayan Gopal’s Affair With The Queen

Another scandalous theory that’s been a common topic of conversation in local tea shops whenever the name of Narayan Gopal pops up. The theory stems from the fact that the Swor Samrat gave his voice to the iconic tune of Euta Manche Ko Maya which was actually penned down by the late Queen Aishwariya Rani Singh herself. This led to speculations that the Queen had written the song in memories of the Tragedy King, whom she loved dearly. This theory was later debunked by the song’s music director, Deepak Jangam, who clarified that it was him who insisted that Narayan Gopal sing the song and not the Queen.

3. King Mahendra’s Death

The story around late King Mahendra’s death resembles that of Robert Baratheon’s from Game of Thrones. Akin to the fictional King, the Nepali monarch died after his hunting trip to Chitwan. Allegedly, the royal hunting party also consisted of John Coapman, who was believed to be associated with the CIA. Coapman reported that the King died in his arms. This has led many to speculate the involvement of the CIA in the death of King Mahendra.

King Mahendra

4. Pashupatinath Temple Was Built By Aliens

Do we even need to talk about this one? Sigh! 

5. The Unsolved Triple Murder Case

The rape and murder of three girls – Namita Bhandari, Sunita Bhandari, and Neera Parajuli in 1980 sent shockwaves across the nation. The single witness of the accident, Churamani Adhikari, died a day after he was taken into the police station for questioning. Reportedly, the victims belonged to a well-connected family in Kathmandu and their bodies were found in the bank of Seti River, near a Nepal Army Camp. This has led many to theorize that the Nepali Royal family was somehow behind the crime.

Kishor Shrestha, the editor of Jana Aastha weekly is one of the key players promoting this theory with his 2015 book ‘Durbar Kanda Pachi Dabayeko Arko Hatya Kanda’. The conspiracy flames were further fueled when the police were asked to close down the case only 10 days after King Gyanendra was enthroned.

6. Royal Massacre

The infamous Durbar Hatya Kanda has amassed a lot of speculations over the years. Official reports tell us that it was the late prince Dependra who carried out the massacre on his own but almost no one is ready to believe this explanation. Instead, people tend to theorize the involvement of India, former King Gyanendra, and even the CIA. The fact that King Gyanendra was conveniently absent during the massacre while his wife and son managed to come out alive has prompted many to postulate that King Gyanendra was behind the slaughter.

Involvement of India was theorized after The CPN-UML’s co-chair, Prachanda, during a public gathering explicitly stated that the massacre was orchestrated by India’s Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) because King Birendra refused to surrender to India’s demands. And CIA, because why not?

Royal Nepali Family

7. Madan Bhandari’s Death

One of the founding members of the Communist Party of Nepal and a charismatic political leader of his time, Madan Bhandari died in a car accident in Chitwan. The members of the CPN party refused to believe that it was a mere accident on account of the fact that the driver managed to escape alive while Bhandari died. Our present PM KP Oli even led an investigation team and concluded that Bhandari was in fact murdered but further investigation was required to name the perpetrator. Others in the party have blatantly blamed the Maoist insurgents for the death. Bhandari’s wife now reigns as the President of Nepal.

And these some of the more widely discussed Nepali conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, what are your Nepali conspiracy theories pique your interest? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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