Moments From Blind Date Season 2 EP 1 That Will Get You Questioning Why Is It On Television

Shailaj G.C.
5th June 2022 Read time: 3 mins

Everyone’s favorite Nepali dating reality show Blind Date is back with season 2. The best part of it is that every single guy’s motivation and inspiration Devendra Raj Pandey is back. No matter how many times he gets rejected, he gets right back up and tries again. He is just dedicated to have someone in his life. Well, this season just seems like the last one with all the drama and antics. The only thing different is that this show is now being broadcasted on television. So, maybe they should have thought things through before saying some jokes on tv.


Well, here are 17 moments from Blind Date season 2 episode 1 which will get you questioning why is it being broadcasted on television.


Devendra Sir Doesn’t Know What A Minor Is And Just Made A Pedophile Joke



Devendra Sir Also Doesn’t Find Majja In Girls With Fully Covered Outfits



Devendra Sir Teaching Us How To Close Our Eyes When Someone OF the Opposite Gender Is Changing Her Clothes



You Don’t Want Your 10-Year-Old Asking You How Do They Actually Test Virginity Do you?



What The Hell Was Just That



Here Comes A D*** Joke



Be Glad Devendra Sir Wasn’t Facing Towards The Camera



Apparently Badri Knows How To Make A Man Take A Bath



Oh This Scene Looks Very Romantic



What Juice Is He Talking About



Are They Having A Soft Bondage Scene On TV?



Devendra Is Going To Be Hairless For the Rest Of The Episode



So Now You Get A Free Tour Of A Red Light Area



This Is What Happens Inside A Massage Parlor



Watch Devendra Stripping



An Adult Diaper?



No Ladies That Is Not How You Hold Your Man In Public



BONUS: And Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is How Devendra Raj Pandey Finally Lost His Virginity



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