Redditors Share 11 Affordable Date Ideas For Kathmandu Valley That Won’t Make Your Wallet Cry

Shailaj G.C.
7th June 2022 Read time: 4 mins


For most of you, dating could be a luxurious pastime and quite costly too. But, not everyone’s as rich as Devendra and Badri to be flying off to Thailand just for a date. For those who’re looking to just spend some time with their loved partner and not spend much, there are cheaper ways.


A recent post on the national Nepali subreddit, r/Nepal, saw netizens sharing their years of wisdom on this topic. How can you spend some quality time with your significant other with just 500 rupees in your pocket? Well, there are quite a few things you can do around Kathmandu for that kind of money.


Here Are 11 affordable date ideas for Kathmandu valley that won’t make your wallet cry.


1. Holy Places Serve As Great Places To Bond With Your Love — Just Stay Clear Of The Aryaghat


Pashupati area,go all the way in the back forest area, buy chatpate talk and soend time




Pashupati nath

♬ original sound - ❤️ Samir Chhetri 😘


2. And Rooftop Restaurants Are Great To Indulge In Some Hippie Treasures


Patan area is where you wanna go with that budget. Juice, ice cream or stick food. Good place to walk around.



@flamingoss25 Today's food hunt at Patan Durbar Square!💙fypシ #foryoupage #patan #nepalimuser #explore #tiktoknepal #foodtiktok #foodhunter #funday #viral ♬ High On Life (feat. Bonn) - Martin Garrix


3. Never Underestimate The Romantic Power Of A Birdwatching Date!


Some park or pokhari area and buy huge chatpate while watching the birds.





4. Chilling Out At Home Is Underated


Ghar bolaunay and masu bhat khuwayera, chill handai basnay.



@fyp_r0hit1 Reply to @sushant_freefire7 #fypシ #xyzbca #fyp #viral #rohitrauniyar #goviral #tiktok @tiktok ♬ SugarCrash! - ElyOtto


5. You Could Get One And A Half Plate Each And Have Some Money Left Over







6. This One’s A Scam, Do Not Fall For It!


himalayan java for coffee date.





7. Going To Meet A Famous Tiktok Star Is A Day Well Spent


Tik tok chatpate pasal




La kt ho chwassai dai le bihey garney rey hai falgun ma daju ko lagi perfect kt mention gardim tw 🥱

♬ original sound - Secret_Boy❤️


8. Google Ramro Local Café At Swayambhu Top


swayambhu top ma ramro local cafe xa name birsi maitri k vannay cheap xa budget friendly can chill and hangout with nature as well. fresh air greenery with loved one what else do u want. arko option basantapur ma basni chiya khani lol god damn forgot how expensive dating are. used to go on date week ko 3 times, day mai 3 4 wota different cafes god just remembered how much money I spend in those day.



@ngimasherpa703 #swyambhu #stupa #monkeytemple ♬ original sound Ngi Ma Sherpa


9. Fry Andra With Bhudi Ra Boso Is What You Want To Have On Your First Date


Definitely Marudhoka. Teta ko 20 ma paune samosa, fry aandra-bhudi ra boso ani Laphing. Tespaxi ukaalo ko side ma euta ice-cream Pasal xa teta bata ice-cream kinxu ani durbar square ma parewa haru Lai sangai milera daana haalxu



@diyadarnal0 Bhutanfry😋😋😋😋😋#homecafe #account #grow #goviral #bhaktapurmuser🇳🇵❣️ #foryoupage❤️❤️ ♬ original sound - yolmo.


10. Yes, Focus On Yourself And Save Yourself The 500 Bucks


best nalaujau date ma





11. The Best Advice For Boys Ever


Easiest question of my life😂, tell her that youre short on money, shell get it. Ofc, aba first date ho vaney ta teso milena. 3rd 4th pachhi ta vanna milchha, vetnu man chha, tara aile ma snga paisa ali chhaina, k garum vanana, usle bujhchha. Shell bring with her( doesnt mean aru bela chai bokdaina, teso chai vanna khojya chhaina)





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