Quiz: Take This Quiz To Find Out If You Are A F*** Boi, A Soft Boi, Or A Sad Boi

Shailaj G.C.
19th June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

If you’re new to dating, the three terms f*** boi, soft boi and sad boi might be new to you. But, if you’re experienced, you will understand that these three terms define literally all the boys in relationships ever. But you might still be confused — which one of these are you? While one of them does not respect women, the other might respect them so much they themselves end up in a sad place.


Here, take the quiz to find out if you’re a F*** Boi, Soft Boi or a Sad Boi.

  • What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Life Goals?

  • What Do You Do On You Girlfriend’s Birthday?

  • When You’re Feeling Sad And Lonely What Do You Do?

  • Which Song Would You Prefer Listening To?

  • Who Is Your TV Show Role Model?

  • How Often Do You Post Shirtless Pics On Instagram?

  • If Your Girlfriend’s Angry, What Do You Do?

  • What Do You Do On A Saturday?

  • What If Your Girlfriend Ghosts You?

  • How Many Exes Do You Have?

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