Can You Recognize All 10 Of These Iconic Logos?

Saisha Dixit
22nd June 2021 Read time: 5 mins

Logos surround us everywhere, and we really mean everywhere. Look around your room right now; you should be able to spot at least one logo immediately. But despite seeing so many logos everywhere, we might not consciously remember them. Sure we can recall them, but remembering what logo belongs to what brand might not be so easy.


So today we’re testing your knowledge of some iconic logos we tend to see everywhere. This should be pretty easy so let’s see if you can recognize all 10 of them.  

  • Can you recognize this iconic background without the text?

  • What about this rectangle?

  • Only 90's kids remember this one

  • This should be somewhere in your house

  • Where are these dots from?

  • What logo is this?

  • What about this one?

  • This tree should be a familiar one

  • This might be a little tough...

  • Finally, what logo is this?

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