Nepali Meme Quiz; If You Don't Score More Than 7 Then Etro Meme Scroll Gareko Matlabai Bhayena Ni

Do your friends and family keep telling you that you're scrolling your life away and wasting your precious years by laughing at memes? Well, time to prove them wrong by taking this Nepali Meme Quiz and putting your meme knowledge to use. Hey Dad! Maybe I didn't get that MBA degree but I scored a full 10 on this quiz. Can you do that? 

  • What Amazing Adventure Sport Is This "Darr Lagyo My Lord!" Dude Indulged In?

  • What's The Name Of Bijay Shahi's Book?

  • What Did Rachana Gurung Find Disrespectful?

  • What Is This Uncle Ranting About?

  • ____ Movie Review Landed This Memer / Youtuber In Jail

  • What Is The Name Of This Infamous Sir?

  • What Is The Name Of This Kurai Nabujhney Uncle?

  • Which Of These Lines Did The Reporter Not Say During This Viral Interview Clip?

  • Which Famous Nepali Star Did Guras Nani Claim To Have A Special Bond With?

  • Can You Guess The Name Of This Standup Comedian?

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