QUIZ: Do You Know What These Kitchen Utensils Are Called In Nepali?

Bishesh Dhaubhadel
8th April 2022 Read time: 1 mins

The standard Nepali kitchen is filled with a myriad of utensils, each with its own special purpose. But just knowing what they’re used for isn’t good enough. In order to please your parents with your knowledge of the household and flex on your friends when the time arrives, you should be able to name all of them too.


Let’s see if you can.


Take this quiz to see if you know what these utensils are called in Nepali.

  • Let’s start off easy, this is used to scoop up daal.

  • Let’s get you into the groove. You HAVE to know what this is.

  • Let’s cut you up to size for this quiz, on a chopping board, of course.

  • Here’s a curveball. What’s a saucepan called in Nepali?

  • Isn’t this grate (see what we did there)?

  • Let’s ease up a bit again.

  • What do you roll rotis with?

  • Be careful with this one.

  • This tray will carry all your pride (or sadness) after this quiz.

  • It’s alright, funnel all your emotion into our comment section.

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