People Who've Had Lucid Dreams Share Their Wildest Experiences

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23rd June 2022 Read time: 2 mins


Dreaming about owning a mansion, marrying your crush, or driving a sports car are just too normal. No matter how fantastic, no dream ever comes close to having a lucid dream. For those that don’t know, lucid dream is a dream where the dreamer becomes aware that he is dreaming.


Lucid dreams offer you the magical possibility of crafting your own dreams however you like. You can drive around in a Ferrari, visit Paris, or even fly around if you feel like it — all of your own will. Sometimes, you can simply be aware that your dreaming, but not be able to influence the dream too much. So, during the rare times you have lucid dreams, it could end up being quite an experience.


Let’s look at 10 experiences of Redditors who’ve had lucid dreams.


“I made myself look in a dream mirror despite the Internet telling me not to, my reflection looked like my face had been hit with a wrecking ball and dragged through a tar pit.” — Stinky_salmon666





I had a bunch of alcohol and some Vicodin and I had a luçid dream that I died and I could never escape. I saw my own body laying on my bed and I got sucked into purgatory and it looked like that weird waiting room in Beetlejuice with all the freaky looking people. Then the lady at the reception desk said it wasn't time yet and I flew back into my body and woke up.” — CoolIceCreamCone




“Walking in a grassland and suddenly flying slowly and the environment turns vivid” — latis_sean




Weirdest. Abnormally tall houses decorated with Christmas lights. The snow looked like fake movie snow and it wasn't cold. I loved it. It was very relaxing.

Scariest. Demon dude wouldn't take a hint and leave me alone so I was like damn fine and forced a wake up. Woke up on my bed and he was still there blinked and he was gone. 😐” — mellowgiraffefriend




“very strange, I was in the world of Minecraft, it was a very old version of the game, there was still light green grass, I walked through this area and 30 blocks from me suddenly characters from Sonic appeared, I don’t remember their names, but there was myself Sonic, then a yellow fox from the sonic universe, a pink girl from the sonic universe, a purple character from the sonic universe (it seems that she was also a girl), and black Sonic, for some reason I immediately realized that this was a dream, I pinched myself and woke up at night, approximately at 3 a.m” —Poncho-33329




“It felt, odd. When you wake up you feel like it's a memory you just remembered from 40 years ago, but it was not a bad experience everything can change in a single subconscious thought.” — Sharkegy




“Getting shot in the chest and actually feeling it. For a moment I was floating over my body looking down and then I woke up.” — Motor-Toe-8540




“my most recent was just last night. I was sleeping next to my boyfriend and in the dream I was on my way home in the car with my dad but I can’t saying ‘no? Im sleeping I’m just in a dream I’m not going home.’ It’s always weird like that.. not very interesting lol but weird none the less “— boomba1121




“Realised it was dream (people were in my house that couldn't possibly be there, so I realised pretty quickly).

Tried to fly and disappear through my living room floor.

Flew with success, hit my head on the floor. Woke up with the biggest headache... ON THE FLOOR

7/10 would fly again” — OmagerdNova




“This is actually funny this popped up, my parents recently bought a house in northern Wisconsin in the middle of the Northwoods so billions upon billions of trees about the freshest air can get in America. I’m native to Chicago when I went to visit them for 2 weeks, every single night for 14 days straight I woke up talking to people in my dreams then realizing it was a dream after being woken for a few minutes. I’ve never experienced this in my life, even when I would take a 20 minute nap it felt like I had a 10 hour long dream. Then where lucid dreaming came into play was when I’d wake up and want to continue dreaming about what I was dream about I would just think about it and it started right where we left off at. Honestly the craziest 2 weeks sleeping of my life.” —joe77_




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