Screenshots from Blind Date Season 2 EP 1 That Make No Sense

Shailaj G.C.
7th June 2022 Read time: 2 mins


The second season of Blind Date Season 2 kicked off with a bang as Devendra Raj Pandey made an epic comeback. Not just that, but they even started the show on international grounds by shooting half the scenes in Thailand. And Blind Date being what it is, the first episode didn’t shy away from showing off its red-light areas either. A dating reality show with some legit travel vlogging — what more could you ask for? The only problem is that some scenes from the show make no sense no matter how hard you try.


If you’re wondering what type of scenes, we’re talking about then here are 13 of them. We dare you to try and explain how these moments came to be!


1. Let’s Just Start Off By Saying Devendra Can Sometimes Be A Naughty Boy


2. When Did Public Beaches Start Offering Coolie Services?



3. Don’t Tell Me The Girl On The Left And The Right Are The Same Person!



4. The Girl On The Left Surely Doesn’t Know What She’s Holding



5. Yes, You Do Have To Wash Your Vegetables Before You Cook Them, But This Is Not How You Do It



6. And That Is Not How You Cut A Vegetable Either!



7. Maybe Someone Should Have Let Madam Know That She’ll Wet Her Clothes Too



8. Is Devendra Checking Out A Dress Made Out Of Garbage Bags?



9. Maybe This Is The Way Your Man Will Stay Loyal To You Forever



10. Oh Honey, You Don’t Want To Go Around Holding Someone That Way In Public



11. How Did This Scene Even Make It Onto Nepali Television???


 12. Devendra Needs To Pull Up His Towel Before There’s A Nip Slip



13. Bondage Body Wax Is Now A Thing



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