These 10 Nepali Advertisements Get A 10/10 For Their Creativity

Advertisements are simply a fact of life in this modern world. Some of them annoy you to no end, while others may be a bit more agreeable simply by being creative and entertaining.

Nepalis know to make ads on both ends of this spectrum. It’s either a completely misplaced sense of what really works for advertisements, or a super creative work that can entertain everyone who sees it.

So, here are 10 Nepali ads that will entertain you with their top-level creativity.

IMEPay’s Ad For The Men

The social media manager for IME Pay’s social media definitely deserves a raise for consistently putting out super creative posts. This particular ad for men, though, is probably the best of the bunch.

Mangalam Pipes’ Nerdgasmic Ad

Falling not too far behind is Mangalam Pipes’ nerdtastic homage to the Spider-Man movies. It’s not overdone in any sense, and Marvel fans will definitely appreciate the little nod to their fandom.

Study Info Center Overenthusiastically Supporting Nims Dai’s Message

Talking about overdoing things, Study Info Center decided to market itself by agreeing to Nims Dai’s message a little too enthusiastically. Truly, nothing is impossible, even your dreams of studying in some country abroad.

Nepali Cinema Could Learn Something From Daraz’s Ad For The 11:11 Sale

Daraz’s ad for this year’s 11:11 sale was more entertaining than many comedy films. The one-minute skit had spot-on acting and comedic timing, which kept you rapt in attention until the 11:11 sale reveal at the end.

This Poetic Ad Got Study Info Center A Brand Ambassador For Free!

This is creativity at its peak. It’s trendy. It’s funny. And it gets Study Info Center a brand ambassador at no cost whatsoever.

This eSewa Ad Sold It’s Classic Radio-Ad Format With Brilliant Acting

Digital wallet company eSewa also produced a series of ads featuring popular actor Bipin Karki. If you play close attention, this ad follows the classic radio ad format of setting up a context and showcasing a business. But it keeps you engaged with its natural dialogues and well-executed sound effects.

This Business Sign Board Is Peak Boomer Creativity

How could you doubt the capabilities of this computer center? They’ve clearly stated that they can print anything besides money.

This One Tricks You Into Paying Attention In The Most Agreeable Way

This ad tricks you into reading it, but it is so well-executed that you won’t even feel mad. Rather, you might let out a chuckle at how clever the ad is.

Borrowing Upon The Chowk Tira Energy

Here, we see an excellent example of marketing through popular trends. This ad borrows the energy of the viral “Chowk tira!” video, and consciously stays gender neutral to let people know that the IELTS classes aren’t only for guys.

Well, these are some advertisements that show top-level creativity from our Nepali marketing professionals. Share your favorite ads ever in the comments section of this post!

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