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What If X-Men Was Remade With Nepali Actors? Here Are 12 Results

News of Hugh Jackman returning as the iconic X-Man Wolverine has left the internet in joyous fits. The X-Men film franchise has been on a downward trajectory for the past couple of minutes, and superhero movie fans can’t wait to see the team of superheroes rebooted for their appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who would they cast in the famous roles? 

Well, what if they casted established Nepali actors — and adapted the X-Men stories for Nepal? We certainly have no shortage of talented actors to make an X-Men movie of our own. So, here are our actor picks if X-Men was remade with Nepali actors. 

1. Wolverine - Dayahang Rai

If you have any doubts about this casting decision, just think back on Dayahang Rai’s breakout role in Loot. His character in the movie personified short-man aggressiveness, and was equally prone to violence as he was to spewing curse words like Machis. That’s pretty much an already-built Nepali Wolverine right there. 

2. Gambit - Pradeep Khadka

Pradeep Khadka has just the boyish charm that is needed for a character like Gambit. He can also pull off longer hair with a great deal of confidence, as seen in his role in Prem Geet 3. These are simply the perfect characteristics needed for the character of Gambit. 

3. Storm - Samragyee RL Rana

We’d probably have a hard time replicating the on-screen presence of Halle Berry from Nepal, but we’re willing to wager that Samragyee RL Rana would do a good job of it — especially with her fabulous hair which would be a strong contender for the signature Storm curls. 

4. Cyclops - Sushil Shrestha

Sushil Shrestha might be most well-recognized with his everpresent beard and a characteristic smirk on his face. But he can be a good alternative to the play-by-the-rules Cyclops if he goes for a clean shaven look. 

5. Rogue - Surakshya Panta

In the movies, Rogue is typically depicted as a straight-hitter. She is reserved but self-assured, and often speaks with a Southern American accent. Surakshya Panta could pull off the prefect Nepali adaptation of these qualities.

6. Emma Frost - Aditi Budhathoki

Emma Frost appears as a villain mutant in X Men: First Class, as a gorgeous woman who just happens to turn into a diamond statue any time someone tries to harm her. Aditi Budhathoki could easily match the attitude required of a character to have such a stunning fictional power.

7. Colossus - Rajesh Hamal

Who better to portray the giant, muscular mutant known as Colossus, than our very own Rajesh Hamal? 

8. Mystique - Trishna Budhathoki

We nominate Trishna Budhathoki in the role of this famous shapeshifter only because of her penchant for painting her body different colors. 

9. Beast - Aryan Sigdel

The hairy but affable mutant Beast could be adequately portrayed by veteran actor Aryan Sigdel. 

10. Old Man Logan - Sunil Thapa

If we were to ever recreate the Logan movie, Sunil Thapa would perfectly match the ferocity and cynicism of the aged Wolverine. 

11. Magneto - Robin Tamang

The legendary rock singer has made a name for himself in Nepali and even Indian cinema as an actor who can perfectly embody both positive and negative roles. His ability to balance the two out, added to his tall and langy physique, would make him a great fit for the idealistic villain Magneto. 

12. Professor X - KP Sharma Oli

We’ve saved the best for last. For Professor X, we nominate our famous ex-PM KP Sharma Oli. Like Professor X, he is also bald, ancient, and an expert at manipulating others’ minds! 

These are our choices for an X-Men movie remade with Nepali actors. What other actors would you nominate to a Nepali X-Men adaptation? Let us know in the comments section! 

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