Reddit Answers: Why Women Swipe Left On Tinder

Like many things, dating too is digitized now, with apps like Tinder ready to go. But even in a digital space, women have to be on the look out for creeps! Naturally, this makes women more wary of who they swipe right on. So, if you’re wondering why women swipe left on tinder, we’re here to tell you. 


Here are 10 things women have shared on Reddit, revealing why they swipe left!

1. Braggers Aren't Impressive

"Guys who have pictures of their car. Whether it's their main picture or a supporting pic, it's an automatic swipe left. Dude, no one cares about your car.

If it's a mediocre car, you're not impressing anyone and you look like a douche. If it's a high-end and/or luxury car, you're just trying to brag and you look like a douche."
— u/mirrormirrorz

2. Just Show Your Face

"If the first pic is shirtless, contains a boat/car/atv/multiple people, does not contain the man in question, doesn't show his face, is obviously carelessly taken (blurry, weird look on face, far away)"
— u/Inevitable_Molasses

3. Put Your Shirt Back On

"There are so many reasons to swipe left, but shirtless posing is my top contender.
— u/fjuckthisshit

4. Your Bio Should Have Your Interests

"When they tell you what they're looking for but nothing about themselves"
— deleted

5. Don't Be Too Full Of Yourself

⁠“If the bio says, let’s see if you can keep me interested or keep me responding”
— u/theghostt

6. Don't Be Rude In The Name Of Sarcasm

"I'm sarcastic/ Sarcasm is my second language. Usually means you're a jerk."
— u/PostCool

7. No Child Baiting?

"Photos of children, requirements like a job application and no pics without sunglasses."
— u/beer_demon

8. Stop Being Cliche

"I swipe left on super generic, one word/sentence profiles. Example: quote from song and or 'cheers'. "
— u/cvette68sr

9. Well...

"Bad teeth"
— u/chonnoir

10. Be Authentic!

"Surrounded by beer cans and bikini girls photos"
— u/thowinitaway2424

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