Women Of Reddit Share Secrets They Would Never Tell Guys

No matter how advanced humans grow as a society, it seems certain things never change. One of them is the eternal distance between the different genders — no matter how hard we try to understand and empathize with each other’s experiences, there are just some things that we never understand about the other gender. And some experiences are so specific that it’s impossible for others to know! 

It seems like people love keeping their gender-specific experiences a big secret, except for some who spill them on the internet. Well, specifically on Reddit where people don’t bother filtering out their secrets. And in this brutally honest Reddit thread, women have revealed things that they never tell guys! 

1. Really unfair

"That many men have been blessed with perfectly thick, long, luscious eyelashes and us girls are a bit jelly of that fact."
— u/PlantSunFlowers

2. It's brutal!

"Hormones not only mess with us during our period, but they mess us up the week before too. Premenstrual hormones, for me anyway, almost affect me more than the hormones during the cycle"
— u/Catnip_cryptidd

3. Even sneezing is hard

"When you are on your cycle sneeze too hard and the clot passing feels like you birthed a jellyfish."
— u/Saphiredragoness

4. What went down in every sleepover

"The demonic rituals we did as children at sleepovers"
— u/Pink_wraith

5. Couldn't be any more true

"Idk if this is for all girls but from my own personal experience, when I vent, I don’t want advice. I want someone who will listen and not judge."
— u/PurelyNegative

6. It's being worn all the time

"Our favorite bra doesn’t get washed as much"
— u/ztsil

7. Why not?

"Women love butts. Women absolutely love men's butts. Women want men with nice butts."

8. They come out of nowhere

"That we tweeze chin hairs everyday!"
— u/test_nme_plz_ignore

9. Sad but true

"This is a more serious one but most likely you’ll never know all of females experience with sexual harassment and assault. People don’t realize that almost every girl you meet will have at least experienced some form of sexual assault at some point in their life. It’s less common but even at 10 years old they still could have experienced it"
— u/VexxFate

10. The more you know

"Farts can sneak into the vagina."
— u/stultuscerebri

11. Every dumb code name has a perfect explanation

"If a girl likes you and her friends know they definitely have a code name for you !"
— u/Goatly654

12. It's annoying

"please don’t make any and every thing s3xual, thank you."
— u/yoongiemb
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