Reddit Women Share What Makes Them Swipe Left On Tinder

Shailaj G.C.
20th June 2022 Read time: 2 mins

If you’ve been single for a while, you must surely have turned to the hope offered by dating apps at some point. There are a good number of them popular among Nepalis right now. But the OG dating app Tinder is still the most popular one.


It’s so famous you’ll even come across married aunties on there with no clue of what that app is actually for. Just don’t break your own heart over them. Finding matches on Tinder might be quite easy for them, but the vast majority of Nepali guys are probably wondering if their app is broken!


Tinder might seem a hard puzzle to crack for these guys. But most of the time, it’s not what you do right, but what you do wrong that makes it hard for such guys to get matches. So, here are some suggestions by women on Reddit about what makes them swipe left on Tinder!


Avoid Filters, Lads


"On guys: flipping off the camera is an automatic left swipe for me. Also filters of any kind for your main pic." —what_story




Snapchat Filters Too


"Snap chat animal filters." —  puglifemama




Mind Your Grammar


"Extremely poor grammar and spelling." —CalmCupcake2




Variation Is The Key


"When they only have one photo, or ALL photos are with sunglasses on." — Madziaaaaizdam




Stay Updated


"Angry rants, shade directed at people using the site, clearly old pictures."_Erindera_




Cleary A Lie


"My friends forced me to make this." — ng829




What Are You? Third Grader?


"The middle finger pics." — Maleficent_Dot6954




You Think You’re Better Than Me?


“idk why i’m on here” or “i’m on here as a joke.” it’s just very subtly condescending, we’re both here for the same reason don’t act like you’re better than me" — xTuni




No One Likes A Show-Off


"Boasting about anything that isn’t a personality trait. Aka your car, looking to be someone’s Jim, etc etc" —Rosiekitty666




Take Notes


"-when drinking is their entire identity


-astrology men - if you think women into astrology is bad, you should see dude flexing on being a gemini" — inadequatelyadequate



That’s Not Buying You Any Macho Points


"Guys posing with firearms, rifles, pistols & guys with their tongues out. I have no idea wtf ppl are trying to attract with that crap. I mean if they get what they want then sure good for them, but from me absolute fkn no way." — CassiopeiaDwarf




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