11 Giveaway Signs You’re A Basic Nepali Bro

Hello lads! We’re all some sort of Nepali bro and we all like to think we’re unique, don’t we? While we might have some distinctive personality traits that make us who we are, there are other characteristics that make us very basic. And no one wants to be a basic bro, right?

So, in case you find yourself wondering if you are indeed basic, we’ve come to your rescue with a list of traits that make you a basic Nepali bro. And if all the boxes are ticked, we have bad news for you.

You Post Stories Of Black Coffee And Cigarette Every Morning

Thank you for giving us constant updates on your unhealthy breakfast ritual. Now, put down that cigarette and fix yourself some eggs.

You Excessively Quote Nepali Memes In Real Life

Nepali hoo ni’ ‘Darr layo my lord!’ Listen! These memes are already overused in the digital sphere. You don’t have to keep bringing them up in real life too.

You Keep Referring To Your Friends As ‘Keta Hoo’

Come on! You’re a grown up man. Stop embarrassing yourself.

You Use Derogatory Terms To Describe Women

She is not ‘Maal’, ‘Chamma’, ‘Item’. She is a woman, another human being like you. Treat her as such. 

You keep saying, “Bro! Weed khayera Pink Floyd sunna parcha. Sahi huncha!

Yes, we get it! You’re a stoner and you enjoy classic psychedelic rock. That’s basically 90% of your personality.

You’ve Had Heated Arguments With Your Parents Because They Didn’t Get You That Expensive Bike

You might have even started a hunger strike so you could ransom in that Duke. But you got too hungry and decided to swallow your food, and your pride.

Now, You Borrow Your Friend’s Expensive Bike Whenever You Have A Date Coming Up

Bet your date thinks you’re real rich when you keep showing up with different bikes borrowed from different friends on every date.

You Go On Bike Rides Seated On The Pillion Seat

And it’s always the same two locations, Nagarkot or Dolalghat. 

You Make Plans To Open A Dope Café / Restaurants With Your Fellow Basic Bros

Hey! We all know you’re never going to open that cafe where your friends “won’t be allowed any credit.”

You Make Mustang Plans Right After Getting Drunk

Speaking of plans that are never realized, how was your Mustang trip? Oh wait! You haven’t followed up on that plan either, have you? *Tsktsktsk*

Finally, You’re Getting Annoyed With This Article Because It’s Perfectly Describing You

It’ alright! We’ve all been there, King! Just drop these basic habits, it’s not doing you any favors.

And these are our picks for 11 giveaway signs that says you’re a basic bro. Do you have any more to add to the list? Let us know!

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