New Year New Me — Season 2 Devendra Has Apparently Been Following New Year’s Resolutions Passionately!

Shailaj G.C.
25th April 2022 Read time: 1 mins

You surely remember Devendra Raj Pandey from Blind Date season 1. He claimed to be a big businessman, had an undying love for the ladies, but was always thwarted by his own bad habits. But it seems we might soon have to forget that guy ever existed. The trailer for season 2 of Blind Date appears to show us a far better version of Devendra. It seems the man has been following his new year’s resolutions with great tenacity!



Back in season 1, Devendra claimed to be a businessman but didn’t elaborate upon his business much. A video that surfaced online claims that he has been investing his $$ on a huge gambling business.




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No matter the past, the trailer shows a shocking transformation for the famous girls lover. The new Devendra is looking like the perfect motivation to everyone to follow their new year’s resolutions. The positive changes he has brought out in his life can be clearly seen in the short trailer.


Here’s a list of new changes we have seen in Devendra just from the Blind Date season 2 trailer and compare them to  old Devendra.


Went From Chasing Girls To Girls Chasing Him


“I am Deven…and I am a girlsss lover,” is what the old Devendra said in the season 1 trailer. In the new trailer, we can clearly see how he’s used the UNO reverse card to become “I am Deven… and girlsss love me.”



Fresh New Haircut And Hair Color From Neeldavid’s International Unisex Saloon


The season 2 Devendra is dripping swag after getting a cool new hairstyle, and the hair dye makes him look supremely confident.



Got Rid Of His Tattoos From Season 1


Devendra surely knows that you can’t be the new you with the same old tattoos dedicated to your ex on your chest.



From Private Swimming Pool To Public Beach


He certainly upgraded himself from taking 2 girls to a pool to 3 girls at the beach.



Extra Accessories: Some Pure Silver Earrings From Shree Ridhi Sidhi Jewelers


Nothing religious, it’s purely used to impress girls. But by the looks of things, it apparently seems to be working quite well!



From Ashy To Classy: New Suit From Raymond


This shiny purple suit finally makes Devendra look like a true businessman.



A Sleek New Neck Scarf To Fit With The Raymond Suit


The old Devendra used neck scarfs only during business meetings; the new one uses it to look classier.



More Comfortable With Own Body


Have you ever seen a guy dance on a pole with such confidence?



Almost Lost His Virginity


The man who stayed virgin due to the lack of opportunities can be seen jumping straight to bondage stuff in the season 2 trailer.



From Rubbing Lotion To Becoming An Actual Masseuse


Is our favorite playboy businessman planning to change careers? He seems to enjoy massaging people.



A Whole New Person


Just look at him. We bet he’s going to be the Blind Date King this time. Our money’s on him, hands down.



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