This Hilariously Dirty Twitter Thread Is Showing How Everything You Say in School Is Sexual

Shailaj G.C.
24th April 2022 Read time: 1 mins

We were all a bit too young and innocent to understand everything that was being taught in the grade six EPH classes. Dirty jokes were a relatively new thing and not everything made sense to us as they do now. Now that you’re old enough, you realize just how many of the things we say on the daily can have double meanings, and these includes the everyday conversations we had at school.


A Twitter thread challenged people to come up with everything they could think of that could be said both in the classroom and in the bedroom. And you’ll be surprised at just how many seemingly innocent things fit the description!


Straight Boys Have Said This More In School Than Anyone Else



Let’s Start Using The Word Eraser In Our Classroom From Now On



They Sexualized 2 out of 26 Alphabets



When You’re In The Middle Of Solving A Trigonometry Equation



Pin Drop Silence Please



It’s Come, Not Cum



Group Study For Sure



Which Period Is He Talking About?



Someone Help Him Reload



No, You’re Supposed To Say - Maam May I Go To The Toilet?



Nerds Who Score 100/100 In Mathematics Exams


This Is Not How You Dirty Talk



First, They Wanted A Dog, Now A Chicken



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