As Balen Leads The Kathmandu Mayor Vote Count, Twitteratis Are Having The Time Of Their Lives

Shailaj G.C.
15th May 2022 Read time: 2 mins

Ever since the vote count for this year’s Kathmandu mayor started, Twitter has been heated up. If you check out the social media site right now, you’re going to see #BalenShah, #LocalElections2022 and Keshav Sthapit in the most trending section. Tweets under this heading include some serious posts related to vote counts. But, if you scroll down further… you’ll find something else.


Twitteratis seem absolutely jubilant as Balen Shah leads the vote count, by a wide margin. They seem to be celebrating this in the way they know best – using a ton of humor, sarcasm, and memes! Check out the best of the bunch below.


Here Comes A Chelsea Fan



And Here Comes The Liverpool Fan With A Comeback



Someone Came  Up With Their Own Mathematics Formula To Calculate The Estimated Time For Vote Count



This Guy Listed A Bunch Of Future Movie Names



This One's Not From Keshav Sthapit's Account, But He's Surely Feeling Like This Right Now



When Your Crush Stands Right In Front Of You



Haters Will Say Its Photoshop, And It Is



Someone Please Share His Phone Number Just In Case Balen Shah Wins The Election



People Have Already Started Giving Balen Shah A Trophy




Balen Here, Balen There, Balen Balen Everywhere.  The Craze His Fans Have Shown Is Awesome



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