12 Tweets That Will Give You An In-Depth Understanding Of Jhapali Traits

Shailaj G.C.
6th May 2022 Read time: 1 mins

Whenever we see a post with the word Jhapali mentioned, we know it’s going to be interesting. Why is it so, you may ask? Well, Jhapalis are known throughout the country for being one of a kind. Jhapalis are known to be shrewd and the biggest braggadocios. And this good-natured running joke, well-known throughout Nepal, gives rise to the funniest memes.



If the numerous posts about Jhapalis’ creative scams don’t convince you just yet, you can go watch any of KP Oli’s speeches — arguably the most famous Jhapali of present day.  If you’d like to understand Jhapalis in even more detail, here are 12 tweets about Jhapalis to help you understand them better.


A Smart Jhapali Friend Always Has Your Back


This Is Why One Jhapali Is More Than Enough In All Cases


Jhapalis Support #LegalizeNepal 


Some People Are Known To Have Trust Issues With Jhapalis



A Jhapali Together With A Syangjali Would Be The Most Powerful Duo 

Oh So Carrom Board Is A Jhapali Thing? 


Stop Shaming Jhapalis


Jhapalis Even Have A Direct Link To Lord Buddha


Could Someone Verify This For Us? Or Is It A Jhapali Girl Tweeting This Herself?



Jhapalis Bring The True Nepali Vibe


Devendra Raj Pandey Is A True Jhapali 


Despite Everything A Jhapali Can Be, The Word Is Always A Compliment 



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