We Imagined Elon Musk Buying These 10 Nepali Companies To Improve Upon Them

Shailaj G.C.
2nd May 2022 Read time: 1 mins

After Elon Musk bought Twitter at a hefty price tag of $44 billion, it is starting to look like people are taking a bit more liberty with their thoughts on Twitter. After the man himself made a sarcastic tweet about buying Coca-Cola and adding the cocaine back in it, people have been using their photoshop skills to add new spoofs onto this viral tweet. Recently, a fake tweet about Elon Musk buying Nepal Telecom went quite viral among Nepali netizens.


The meme got us thinking about all the different companies that Elon Musk could purchase with his billions, and take care of some pet peeves that Nepalis have had with these companies. Here are some of the results. 


No More Lag When You Play PUBG Or Watch Po…Pop Songs On Youtube



Maybe Bring Back The Quality Too



Who Doesn’t Like Flavored Alcohol?



Wow Now Stag Entry Guys Wouldn’t Feel Discriminated



Nepali Version Air Gordans With A G



Now Everyone Can Save Up Money To Buy Popcorn



Remember When You Won 2Rs On Scratch Coupons To Buy Lacto Chocolates



And Maybe Baskin-Robbins Will Start Selling At A Reasonable Price



Sydney Now Feels More Like A Mama Ghar To Almost Every Nepali



Say No To Bribery Unless It’s For A Good Cause



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