Twitter Fired Up Over Anil Kesary Shah’s Creepy Farewell Post

Rajiv Prajapati
23rd June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

Anil Kesary Shah has been in the public eye for many years in a unique role. He led Nabil Bank as its CEO as the one and only celebrity banker of Nepal. A few days ago, he announced his departure from the bank and enjoyed a hearty farewell from the company. 



We doubt that any other CEO would get a farewell with as personal a touch as this one! Shah has always enjoyed a steadfast admiration from Nepalis for his work as well as his moustache, which is a rare occurrence among Nepali celebrities. Average Nepalis admired his consistent support for Nepali products and self-reliance. 


But stepping out from one of the most important roles in his career, he has caught a few jibes from netizens for a strange, almost surreal statement. 



To be fair, Shah has sought to illustrate a poignant idea about leadership. “Real leader develops better leaders.” By putting himself in the middle of a whole bunch of people with Anil Shah masks, he was trying to say that during his tenure at Nabil Bank, he had developed leaders who were better than he was.


The only problem is that he could have put up the very same caption without the creepy masks. Not only would it have looked way less surrealistic, it would also have done a good job of shining a light on those leaders he would have been leaving behind. 


We can’t help but imagine how the production work for this tiny social media post must have gone. 


“I need you to order 50 masks with my face on them. And I need you guys to put it on and pose for a Twitter post!”


Seriously, how do you order FIFTY masks in your own image without seeming like an egomaniac? And how do you convince your employees to actually put it on and pose for a personal social media post? The conversations for these arrangements must have gone fantastically! 


Twitteratis had much to say about this eerie farewell gesture by celebrity banker Anil Kesary Shah.



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