WATCH: Clash Ensues Between Police And Dhangadi Locals Amidst A Fertilizer Heist

Shailaj G.C.
19th June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

A video has emerged out where local farmers of Dharke Bazar, Dhading are seen stealing sacks of fertilizers from two trucks. It looked like the entire village came out to be part of the fertilizer heist because of the extreme government negligence regarding supplying fertilizers on time for crop plantations.


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Despite attempts made by armed police force to stop the crowd, they were heavily outnumbered. Nor  did they have the proper weapons to push away a crowd. In the video, we can see them using the handle of a gun or even the barrel to hit a few locals, but that didn’t have much impact to put away everyone.


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In a country like Nepal, where a lot of people rely on agriculture for their daily livelihood, lack of fertilizers has always been a major issue. According to International Labor Organization, 68% of the total population are dependent on agriculture. This is equal to 34% GDP of our county. Even though the numbers are so high, our country still struggles to provide food to all its citizens.


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Problems like this have always led Nepal to be dependent on India even for basic agriculture goods. This is not a new problem, but something that the farmers have been facing since years. Various news that expose how even government bodies prefer Indian goods over Nepali have also been reported every once in a while. Incidents such as the fertilizer heist, done under the pressure of sheer necessity, show exactly where the government has gone wrong to perpetuate the dependence on foreign countries.


The incident also begs the question — if the ministry of agriculture isn’t even supplying fertilizers to its farmers on time, what is it really doing? The government should give a serious thought to the issue, only then the farmers can produce to their maximum capabilities and the country can be independent of its own.


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