8 Horrendous Acts By Maoist Insurgents That You Didn’t Know About

Shailaj G.C.
9th June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

The decade-long Maoist insurgency left a gaping wound upon Nepal that we are still trying to heal to this day, without success. The civil war was a huge setback to the nation; its impacts upon our country are still felt to this day. Even though most of the fighting took place between the security forces and the rebels, there were many times that helpless citizens were caught in the crossfire. But, some of the cruelest acts by the Maoist insurgents during the war were directed straight at the civilians.


Although conversations about reconciliation and the peace process are carried on to this day, these discussions often hide the dark truths about the most heinous acts done by the Maoist insurgents. Some of them are so dark that you will seriously wonder if they were really fighting for the people, like they claimed. Here are 8 of the most horrendous acts by Maoists during the Insurgency that you didn’t know about.


The Bombings Of September 8, 2003


The Maoist insurgents carried out a series of bombings around Kathmandu valley killing 8 civilians and injuring 12. They targeted 6 different areas like Baneshwor, Kalanki, Bhaktapur,etc with homemade bombs.



The Myagdi-Beni Attacks Of March, 2004


A huge attack was launched at Beni, Myagdi by Maoist insurgents in different places like the district jail, Office of the Chief District Officer, and different army camps. This attack led to 51 deaths out of which 20 were civilians while 31 were security forces including Royal Nepal Army soldiers and police officers.



The Mainapokhari Bus Encounter Of May, 2004


A passenger bus in which security personnel were travelling was ambushed by Maoist insurgents at a place called Mainapokhari, Dolakha. Fearing that they would be discovered and killed, the soldiers began shooting at the insurgents, after which the insurgents too returned fire indiscriminately. The innocent citizens were trapped in the bus with nowhere to go. This incident was one of the heartless firefights of the war, in which eight security forces and seven civilians lost their lives.


The Pakhapani Bomb Blast Of April, 2005


On April 23, 2005, Maoist insurgents triggered a bomb at Pakhapani, Rolpa. Placed without concern for civilian lives, the bomb killed five children and left three children crippled.


The Mudekhola Bomb Blast Of June, 2005


This incident has an unbelievably high casualty and took place in Mudhekhola, Chitwan. A landmine placed by insurgents left 36 civilians and three soldiers dead. The blast was so powerful that it injured 72 people. This incident clearly shows how the Maoist insurgents had no regard for civilian lives, and were willing to take any number of innocent lives to kill even one security personnel.



The Bus Blast Incident At Sarai Naka — August, 2005


In this incident, an explosion was set off on a passenger bus going from Kathmandu to Dang. The bomb exploded at Surai Naka on the Mahendra Highway and left seven people dead in its wake.


The Kailali Bomb Blast Of October, 2006


A homemade bomb was set up at Basauti village, Kailali killing three children. Five people were also injured in the incident.


The Bhukte Bombing Of May 29, 2007


The Maoist insurgents set off three bombs at a house at Bhukte village, Palpa. This resulted in the death of a child along with eight others.



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