Nuwakot Man Defies Death, Dangles On Electric Wire For Hours

Rajiv Prajapati
12th June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

There are some people in this world who can go to any lengths to earn their 15 minutes of fame. Nepal in particular has more than its fair share of them — from a variety of odd Guinness World Record aspirants to people who are willing to speak about any topic under the sun to online media channels. 


The latest incident like this puts all the other fame aspirants to shame. A man by the name of Maila BK decided that he has way too much stress and worries on this earthly plane and decided to head for the heavens — quite literally, and in his own words. 


The Nuwakot resident somehow managed to climb all the way to the top of a tall electric pole and started shimmying across the high-voltage transmission line. Eight hours and over a crore rupees in losses later, the Minister of Energy, Pampha Bhusal herself had to intervene to get this man down from the wires. 


Maila got the royal treatment he had wanted, and was escorted down by an army helicopter. Now, he can’t help but gloat in front of the cameras, and netizens simply can’t believe the size of this guy’s testicular nuggets! 















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