Mayor Balen Shah Makes Election Expenditure Public

Shailaj G.C.
21st June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

Independent mayor of Kathmandu Balen Shah has been wowing everyone with how busy he’s been at work. He’s already brought about a few notable changes to the administration of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, and has recently announced many more programs for the betterment of Kathmandu city.


Now, another one of his announcements has been grabbing the people’s attention. Balen recently released the total expenses that he had to bear in order to run his entire mayoral campaign. And the number has everyone shocked. It seems, if you’re really trying to do some good, then you can run a successful election campaign for very little money!



According to the post, he spent a sum total of Rs 394,489. In other words, it took him just a little less than four lakh rupees to become the mayor of Kathmandu, and win over Kathmandu residents’ hearts.


Mayor Balen Shah decided to transparently release his election expenditures after Arzu Rana Deuba, — member of the Nepal Congress Party and wife of our beloved Prime Minister — made some heinous and frankly threatening allegations towards him.



Arzu Rana Deuba claimed that Mayor Balen Shah spent huge amount of cash to buy Routine of Nepal Banda to publicize himself as a good character. Mayor Balen Shah was quick to respond with his expenses which had no Routine of Nepal included in them. Everyone literally saw Balen Shah walk door to door and he did attend every mayor candidate debate to prove why he was the best of the bunch.


Dirty politics has always been a problem in this country without a doubt. But every single response of Mayor Balen to his detractors has been an admirable one. Maybe it’s time the old politicians learn a thing or two from Balen Shah. We all know how much money political parties spend during election, doing disreputable acts such as buying votes. Balen Shah had a good reputation of his own and proved to everyone he was a worthy candidate with this latest reveal. This was enough for him to win the hearts of people. It is very obvious that just buying a few social media pages isn’t enough to influence people!


When Balen Shah first announced that he would run for mayor, he already had enough followers through his music career. Most of his fans were youths who were smart enough to even educate the older generation about him, which helped him gain even more followers.



Throughout the duration of his election campaign, Balen Shah confidently answered every question as he had been researching the problems faced by Kathmandu residents for the past five years. This was just another plus point which won over more voters for him. All these things combined prove why Balen Shah didn’t have to spend much or use dirty politics like the established politico to score his win.








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