MP Complains In The Parliament That The Police Don’t Salute

Shailaj G.C.
12th June 2022 Read time: 2 mins

As human beings, food and water are the basic needs of everyone to survive. In our country Nepal, the lack of basic needs in many regions has really a huge problem. This is a big reason why our country’s lawmakers are highly criticized as they are known to avail themselves of numerous benefits from the taxpayer rupees, but barely pay adequate effort to improve the lives of poor citizens.



Despite the general notoriety of our MPs, there still remain a few who shamelessly demand even more benefits and services for doing the bare minimum. Lawmaker Renuka Gurung recently went viral on the internet after taking the Parliament’s time to complain about how the lawmakers of the country are humans too and need facilities. She complained about how the canteen, the toilets, and drinking water facilities were not up to par. Among her complains, the most outrageous one was on how the security personnel present at the constitution assembly do not all follow their duties by saluting them.


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Well, yes Renuka Gurung is a human being and does have the right to ask for all the things she mentioned in her speech. However, netizens have been keen to point out — where have the same basic facilities been for all these years when the country’s downtrodden needed them the most? Also, expecting salutes from every security personnel she passes by just sounds like it is her personal problem. This is not a mistake done by the security forces, but an ego problem of her own.


Nepal’s government — whether it is the executive or the legislative wing — has a culture of hiding behind the shadows of bureaucracy. One can even go so far as to call this a ruse to hide the inherent incompetence of our politicos. So, it’s not that surprising that the government members who have imposed such huge taxes on all of us yet fall far behind when returning the favor by simply doing their jobs.



And having failed to even garner the respect of the common people, it might not sound smart of them to ask for an upgrade of facilities on top of already outrageous benefits.



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