5 Controversies Priyanka Karki Has Found Herself In

Shailaj G.C.
10th June 2022 Read time: 2 mins

The famous actress Priyanka Karki could probably be crowned as the queen of controversies. Throughout her star career, she has gone viral time and again for one reason or the other. Sometimes, she gets trolled for unjust reasons like simply uploading pregnancy photos. There have been times when she’s been made fun of for not knowing what she’s talking about at all. Then, there have been times when she’s been genuinely in the wrong.


It’s difficult to deny, however, that all these instances have only served to increase her fame. They say that no publicity is bad publicity, and Priyanka Karki’s success seems to be a perfect example of that. 


With that said, let’s look at 5 controversies has Priyanka Karki found herself in over the years.


1. That Time She Forgot USA And America Are The Same Place


Priyanka Karki is quite a traveler as she’s been to many places. One of her most famous interviews took place during a tour to America. Standing on the side of a random American street, she proceeded to talk about how she’s visited countries like UK, US many times, but that it was her first time at America. Well, someone missed the Geography section during her Social Studies classes!



2. That Time She Forgot The Mathematics Of Human Pregnancy


Whenever someone’s pregnant, “nine months” are the two words that automatically hit our brain. Priyanka Karki commenting on how she was still inside her mom’s womb even when she was 7 months pregnant does not sound very amusing yet, the viewers had something to say about that too.


3. The Dirty Tongue Slip


This one’s not Priyanka Karki’s fault at all. In one interview, Priyanka was sharing her thoughts and at one wanted to say tikdaunau. However, the public heard something else. Did she speak too fast? Did her tongue actually slip? Or are our minds just so dirty that we hear everything dirty? Decide for yourself if you haven’t watched the clip!


4. More Power To You


The Malvika Subba controversy in which she was discovered having abandoned a minor rape victim is still fresh in everyone’s minds. When she posted an apology-but-not-really post, other celebrities were dragged into the drama too when they showed their support. But, guess who got called out the most? Yes, Priyanka Karki again for her comment that stated, “More power to you didi”!



@sushmitaregmi05 best comment has been deleted on #instagram 😭😭 love you #priyankakarki 😘❤️ @sushikhanajaneho @routineofnepalbanda @priyanka_karki_ ♬ Late Night - Rude Boy


5. Selling Her Husky Puppies


Most recently, Priyanka Karki posted a story about a litter of Husky pups who were born of her own pet. Sadly, she was openly advertising the newborn pups for sale. Many animal rights activists have already called out breeders for making money off an animal’s reproductive organ and Priyanka just joined the list. The act has been especially denounced since huskies are dog breeds that belong to a colder region and not Kathmandu.



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