Samriddhi Rai's Response To Being Called Suddhi Proves How Humble She Is

Shailaj G.C.
15th June 2022 Read time: 1 mins

Learning how to deal with insults is an art in and of itself. This special skill is of special importance to celebrities and public personalities. While the fame earns them a multitude of fans, it is followed in equal measure by haters. And it is often true that those celebrities who are most well-liked by the public are especially good at the art of dealing with insults. 


Singer, vlogger, and media personality Samriddhi Rai recently posted on Twitter showcasing her mastery over this artform. The post read, “The most polite rude comment I have ever received. Bless.” Attached to this was the screenshot of a rather unique comment, presumably on one of her recent photos.




Immediately we can understand why Samriddhi would want to single out this comment in a tweet. It throws out an unadulterated, direct insult in her direction; at the same time, it’s extremely careful and kind. God forbid, Samriddhi gets offended when she reads the insult! After all, the word suddi does mean ‘old’ in Nepali. Nevertheless, do not hate the guy as he knew he was wrong before he event made the comment, and apologized beforehand!


Samriddhi Rai is currently 34 years old. She rose to fame after being a Top 5 contestant at Miss Nepal 2010. Before that, she was also the second runner-up in Miss Teen Nepal 2006. But it goes without saying that she, like anyone else, is so much more than her looks. On top of that, Samriddhi is one of those rare types of Nepali celebrity who is actually a positive role model for many youngsters. She has always defended her beliefs openly, and her sense of adventure and love of life is what most fans love about her!


Despite all this, it seems user baadal66 couldn’t help but make the comment, that too with a pre-apology. Well, baadal66, time passes and people get old! You will too one day. In any case, anyone would feel themselves lucky to look as great as Samriddhi Rai does in their mid-30’s. 




Meanwhile, Samriddhi Rai took the comment very lightly and was more amused than offended by it. She commented on her post that the comment actually made her chuckle a bit. And that right there is an amazing lesson for any of us. No one should get sad over comments and opinions made by people over social media. They have no reason to impact on your confidence! And it looks like Samriddhi Rai knows it more than everyone.


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