Trans Activist Rukshana Kapali Denied Exam Registration In Tri Chandra Multiple Campus; Twitter Rushes To Support

Shailaj G.C.
9th June 2022 Read time: 2 mins

Rukshana Kapali is one of the most well-known trans rights activists among Nepali youths. For a number of years now, she has publicly shared her struggle with the Nepali education system to be formally recognized as a trans woman. The journey has been an uphill climb, with a new complication that has developed just this week.


A few days ago, she took to social media to share that her examination form was not accepted at Tri-Chandra campus, where she’s been enrolled for the past five years. It seems she has been able to give her examinations for the past few years despite complications on other matters related to her enrollment.


This time, however, her college has squarely refused to accept her examination form. 


Nepal’s laws have been internationally acclaimed as one of the most progressive for giving legal recognition to the third gender — a dated term, but still a progressive law. The fact that Tribhuvan University refused to allow her to attend her examinations despite this is definitely questionable. Is it sending out a message that the university is not a place for transgenders?




Rukshana has also posted two letters, one by the National Examinations Board and another by Tribhuvan University’s Office of the Chief Legal Advisor, both of which have disagreed to her requests.



As far as we know, ever since gay marriages were legalized, Nepal has advertised itself as a queer-friendly state. The case of Rukshana, however, shows quite clearly that even basic education rights are denied to them. Rukshana has been relentlessly fighting against the outdated system for years at this point, and has garnered a sizeable audience to her work on social media. With the latest development, people have shown their love and support to her through Twitter. Here are some of them.










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