Twitter Pays Condolences To Internet Explorer, The OG Web Browser

Shailaj G.C.
14th June 2022 Read time: 2 mins

Twenty seven years ago, Microsoft came up with a web browser for Windows 95 called Internet Explorer.  It’s use was limited to the 90’s, as the new generation only used it to download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Jokes about how Internet Explorer is slow has been around for years now. And finally, after 27 long years, Microsoft has put out a notice that the OG web browser will be completely phased out from June 15, 2022.


While most people don’t seem affected by the news, Twitteratis have expressed their condolences. Well not in the most sympathetic way. Let’s look at some of them.


People Won’t Be Surprised If This Does Happen




Another Joke That Will Take Some Time To Process



Internet Explorer Might Have Been Great When It Was Younger, But The Answer Is Still A No




No More Downloading Google Chrome From Internet Explorer From Now On




A Tweet About 2008 Posted On 2022 — Typical Internet Explorer That We Know




Well At Least Someone’s Sad About It



This Is Something All The Haters Can Agree On Too




Windows Will No Longer Be Checking For A Solution On This Issue



Only 90’s Kid Can Relate



27 Is Still Too Young To Die



Not Something You Want To Have On Your Tombstone



Only Programmers Will Get This One



Life Is Unfair, You Know




Finally, Press F To Pay Respects




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